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15 Job tips from S Club 7 songs

Hexjam has collected 15 job tips from S Club 7 songs that should help you find the job of your dreams and stay motivated. Reach for the stars!

1. Hold onto what you try to be – your individuality

This is good careers advice but ALSO good life advice generally.

When applying for a job, be sure to emphasise the things that make you stand out. Other than totally unqualified, the worst thing you can be as a candidate is forgettable. So even if you’re no more qualified than anyone else, the fact that you did a marathon in June while solving a succession of Rubik’s cubes will probably make you more of an appealing candidate. Interviewers like having something crrrrrrrazy to mention in interviews. So when they lean back and say, “So, tell me about this flamingo you shot,” you’ll know the job’s in the bag.

Do what the S Club guys tell you – don’t be ashamed of your individuality. Don’t be afraid that it will make you stand out in a bad way. Harness it to make yourself rise above all others, knocking them off the pile onto the concrete below.

2. It’s been a long time, girl, but I’ll keep on waiting

Finding a job is a hard old slog. But you know what, girl, you’ve got to keep on waiting.

You think S Club 7 had success handed to them on a plate? FUCK OFF. They slogged away, they worked hard, and they waited. Be patient when looking for jobs; patience, as my enormous aunt Myrtle says, is a virtue. It can be frustrating applying for job after job after job but something will come your way. And you know what? You don’t have to take the first thing offered to you. Often waiting is worth the risk. Something will come your way, if you are patient and hard-working.

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