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New comic con for 2018: Our Disappearing Planet in Barking

Hannah and Andrew Lee Potts will appear at Our Disappearing Planet aka ODP signing in Barking on March 10th​​​​​​​ 2018. Tickets will be available soon at Many thanks to Matt for the heads up!

Comic cons in 2017

• September 9th & 10th: Gloucester Comic-Con in Gloucester
• September 30th & October 1st: German Comic Con in Berlin
• October 15th: Stoke Con Trent in Stoke on Trent
• October 22nd: U Loughborough Comic-Con in Loughborough
• November 4th-5th: Isle of Wight Comic Con in Cowes
• December 2nd: Wales Comic Con in Wrexham

Comic cons in 2018

• March 10th: Our Disappearing Planet in Barking

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