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New promo picture + more videos

Hannah’s been busy at the BBC1 promo event where she talked about EastEnders and acting in general. The interviews below are by Mirror and Radio Times. There’s also a slightly different promo picture that has been added to the gallery. Remember to watch the Kandice scenes tonight at 8pm and 9.30pm!

It was something that I watched and thought I want to do that and be an actress. So it’s awesome to have EastEnders on my CV and to be in the Square and all that stuff. It’s so surreal to be in the Square.

There’s a lot of hot air between the sisters but they’re totally different. They are chalk and cheese. They can’t help but just argue when they’re together but you know we’ll have to see how it pans out because there’s a lot of love and humour there – and ultimately they’re sisters, they love each other, so the combination of them together is pretty explosive.

It will be interesting to see how Kandice pans out as she doesn’t take any prisoners. She’s totally outspoken and abrasive and rubs people up the wrong way so she’s bound to cause drama in the Square which will be good fun.

For some pop stars I think it [acting] is a natural progression. I don’t know everyone’s personal journey but for me it was something very natural because I did musical theatre before S Club.

I just always wanted to do TV or stage acting so it was something I was very eager to get into as soon as I came out.

I did a drama before the band and I almost took myself away from trying to go down that path when I nailed S Club, but that was such a great opportunity so I was like ‘hey I’ll do that I’ll be in the band for five years.

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