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New boxing promos + interview

Hannah spoke to What’s On TV about her upcoming Celebrity Boxing match. There are also two new promotional pictures, now added to the gallery.

Celebrity Boxing promotional images

TV Times: What made you say yes to Celebrity Boxing?

Hannah Spearritt: “It was a no-brainer. I want to raise lots of money and it’s fantastic that we’re doing the first female boxing matches for Sport Relief and empowering women. Also, I have always wanted a six-pack so I hope I end up with a physique like Nicola Adams!”

TVT: Have you found the training tough?

HS: “I’ve done boxercise before and I did kick-boxing training when I did Primeval. But this is hard and I really ache. We’re being taught by England Boxing who really know their stuff and I’ve been doing a lot of running and hill sprints and just upping the ante.”

TVT: Is it hard to get hit?

HS: “Defence is one of the first things I have had to learn. When I sparred for the first time the girl I was bouting with was coming after me. To get away from her I did a pirouette, so hopefully I won’t do that on the night!”

TVT: How do you rate your chances?

HS: “We’ve been kept apart until the weigh-in so I haven’t seen Vanessa box. But I think we’ll be a good match. I’ll put everything into taking her down! I’m in it to win it. I’m excited about having my own boxing nickname and music playing as I come in, so it will be a real spectacle.”

TVT: Has it given you a new respect for boxers?

HS: “Absolutely. It’s such a tough sport and such a great way to get fit. I think it will be something that I’ll definitely continue. It’s really good for anxiety, which I’ve suffered from in the past. You really have to focus, so it uses that mental energy.”

TVT: You recently played Karen Taylor’s sister Kandice in EastEnders. Did you enjoy that and could you return?

HS: “I’ve never done soap before and it was really good fun. The character was great to play and I’ve loved EastEnders since I was mini. It was really good to get on the Square and be involved in such an iconic soap and to be part of the Taylor family who have been really well received. I think there’s more from her to come, but we’ll have to wait and see…”

Source: What’s On TV

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