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Hannah wants a scene with Danny Dyer

Hannah spoke to Inside Soap about her upcoming second stint in EastEnders. This one is also only a few episodes long but she says she’d be happy to return for a third time. She reveals she’d love to do a scene with Danny Dyer’s character Mick Carter and that it was unnerving to wait for the initial fan reactions.

“I won’t beat around the bush – a scene with Danny Dyer would be brilliant. I think that Mick would humour Kandice’s personality. But she would probably be too busy flirting. That would be fun. When my new scripts came through the door, I saw that I had scenes in the Queen Vic and went ‘Oh my God!’.”

“It works well for me to dip in and out, so I’d be honoured if they did ask me back. You never know what is going to happen. I’d love it if Kandice lost all of her money and had to come grovelling to Karen. You can imagine her without all of her fancy clothes, and how she’d feel about not being able to get her nails done.”

“I couldn’t wait to return. EastEnders is a huge show, and it was daunting wondering how I would be received. So I was overwhelmed by the positive response. I’ve loved playing the over-the-top aspects of Kandice. From her dog and car to her make-up and hair.”

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