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My name is Saara and I’ve been a fan of Hannah’s since 1999 and S Club 7. I fell in love with her bubbly personality and beautiful voice, and those are still one of my favourite characteristics about her. I don’t know Hannah personally but I was lucky to meet her at the Primeval Series 5 premiere in London in 2012. I also met her during the meet&greet session of S Club 7’s ‘Bring It All Back’ tour in 2015. She also follows us on Twitter and occasionally visits the website. I received this lovely e-mail in 2012:

I just wanted to say “well done”, I love the new layout. It’s awesome!!!

All the best

Hannah Spearritt xxx


The website was launched in 2005. It was originally called Two In A Million (after an S Club 7 song) and dedicated to Hannah and her then boyfriend Paul Cattermole. After they broke up in 2006 I decided to keep the name as it was. The site wasn’t a tribute to their relationship anymore but rather a joint information source about both of them. In 2010 I thought it was time to focus on Hannah alone because the amount of Paul news was minimal. I then renamed the site Oh-Hannah. It was meant to be a temporary name but lasted two years. In 2012 I bought a new domain www.hannahspearritt.net and completely revamped the site. In November 2013 we reached 250,000 visitors, an achievement I’m very proud of. We currently have +350,000 visits.


Name: Saara
Born: 1989 in Finland
Other interests: Formula 1, reading, travelling, Italy, London

My other websites:

» SClub7.NET – S Club 7
» LovelyRachel.NET – Rachel Stevens
» HeyBritney.NET – Britney Spears

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