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Bring It All Back tour videos in one place Full video of Hannah performing Straight Up Bring It All Back tour ends in Sheffield S Club 7 play “real or fake”
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Hannah’s “dream” to release more ... More Bring It All Back tour pictures

Hannah Spearritt is a British actress, who is best known for playing zoologist Abby in ITV's dinosaur drama Primeval. Hannah originally became famous in 1999 as a member of the pop group S Club 7. After S Club split up in 2003 she has focused on acting and has made appearences in various television shows, films and theatre projects. Her most recent work include The National Theatre's award-winning comedy One Man, Two Guvnors and feature films The Goob and Utopia. Find out more?

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Posted by: Saara // Category: Hannah Spearritt, S Club 7, Videos // With Comments Off on Bring It All Back tour videos in one place

I decided to collect amazing Bring It All Back tour videos in one place so it’s easier for you to browse them. Please note that the collection is not complete, there are more videos from some dates than others. In any case, I hope you appreciate it because it took me a LONG time :D I shall update the list so stay tuned. I also embedded a fabulous Say Goodbye video with beautiful live vocals. I had my doubts about the song in the setlist (tears!) but it’s really beautiful. Many thanks to the original uploaders!

Birmingham: Bring The House DownYou’re My Number OneTwo In A MillionHello FriendNaturalHave You EverViva La FiestaBring It All BackYou ● Uptown FunkReachNever Had a Dream Come TrueDon’t Stop Movin’

Manchester: Bring the House DownS Club PartyYou’re My Number OneHave You EverYouSome GirlsSweet Dreams My LA ExBring It All BackUptown FunkSay GoodbyeReachNever Had a Dream Come TrueDon’t Stop Movin’

Newcastle: You’re My Number OneLove Ain’t Gonna Wait For YouTwo In A MillionHello FriendHave You EverBring It All BackUptown FunkSay GoodbyeNever Had a Dream Come TrueSelfie

Bournemouth: Bring The House DownS Club PartyTwo In A MillionReach (acoustic)Hello FriendNaturalHave You Ever

Cardiff: AliveHave You EverSome Girls/SDMLAE

Liverpool: S Club PartySome Girls/SDMLAEBring It All BackUptown FunkReachDon’t Stop Movin’

Nottingham: Bring The House Down & S Club PartyTwo In A Million & AliveReach (acoustic)Natural ● Have You Ever & YouBring It All BackSay Goodbye & ReachNever Had A Dream Come TrueDon’t Stop Movin’

London I: Bring The House DownS Club PartyStrongerNaturalHave You EverYouSweet Dreams My LA ExBring It All Back

London II: S Club PartyYou’re My Number OneLove Ain’t Gonna Wait For YouTwo In A MillionAliveHello FriendViva La FiestaBring It All BackUptown Funk Pt1Uptown Funk pt2Say Goodbye pt1Say Goodbye pt2

Leeds: You’re My Number OneLove Ain’t Gonna Wait For YouTwo In A MillionHello Friend & NaturalHave You Ever & YouBradley’s DJ SetSome Girls/SDMLAEUptown Funk & Say GoodbyeReachNever Had a Dream Come TrueDon’t Stop Movin’

Glasgow: NaturalNever Had a Dream Come True

Sheffield: Bring It All BackS Club PartyStrongerReach (acoustic)Straight UpSome Girls/SDMLAEDon’t Stop Movin’

Posted by: Saara // Category: Hannah Spearritt, S Club 7, Videos // With Comments Off on Full video of Hannah performing Straight Up

YouTube user Jamie Collins had uploaded a full video of Hannah performing her solo number, Paula Abdul cover Straight Up. Enjoy:

Posted by: Saara // Category: Hannah Spearritt, S Club 7 // With Comments Off on Bring It All Back tour ends in Sheffield

The amazing Bring It All Back tour ended in Sheffield last night. I can’t believe it’s over, it went so fast and over half of the time I was travelling and not able to enjoy it. But it’s been amazing to see them perform together again, to sold out venues. What a great journey and now we all have more memories to cherish. Check out some pictures from last night (credit as filename):

May 21 – Bring It All Back tour in Sheffield

There ain’t no party like an S Club party and that certainly seemed to be the case as they brought the house down at Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena.

The final show in their Bring It All Back tour, S Club 7 finished their big reunion with a bang and more than a few tears.

A nostalgic showcase of the group’s greatest hits, the audience happily got carried away on the sometimes emotional trip down memory lane.

The performance from S Club 7 was spectacular, set against a backdrop of photos and video montages from the good old days.

Costume changes, a sparkling set and more special effects than you could shake a stick at ensured the show was a real celebration of S Club 7’s time in the spotlight.

Read more?

May 22nd, 2015




Posted by: Saara // Category: Hannah Spearritt, S Club 7 // With Comments Off on S Club 7 play “real or fake”

S Club 7 tried to remember their wacky TV show storylines in a real or fake game with Buzzfeed. I really hope they’ll release a video as it looks like a lot of fun! Did Hannah release an alligator into the hotel and ruin Howard’s date? Find out here here.

Posted by: Saara // Category: Hannah Spearritt, Music, S Club 7 // With Comments Off on Hannah’s “dream” to release more music

Hannah revealed to BANG Showbiz that she would like to record more music with S Club 7. The piece of news was released during my trip so many of you have probably seen it. So far there are no new S Club 7 plans or projects announced but one can dream :)

S Club 7’s Hannah Spearritt wants the band to release new music.

The 34-year-old singer – who reunited with her former band mates Rachel Stevens, Jo O’Meara, Tina Barrett, Jon Lee, Bradley Mcintosh and Paul Cattermole for the opening night of their ‘Bring It All Back’ tour in Birmingham – has admitted she’s loved being back with her pals and hopes they will get the opportunity to make a new track together.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “My dream after the tour – I think it would be pretty epic to release another song, as a band.”

Source: Contact Music

May 20th, 2015




Posted by: Saara // Category: Hannah Spearritt, Photos, S Club 7 // With Comments Off on More Bring It All Back tour pictures

The tour pictures are slowly coming together. I’ve updated all the past gig albums trying my best to credit everyone (see the file names). If you do find your photo uncredited, let me know and I’ll fix it. I don’t think I’ve mentioned how much I love the costumes, they’re amazing!

Bring It All Back tour

Posted by: Saara // Category: Hannah Spearritt, S Club 7 // With Comments Off on No further S Club 7 plans after the tour

Rachel Stevens reminds fans that there are no further plans for S Club 7 after the tour, at least for now. She also says that her, Hannah and Jo are likely to shed a few tears when during the final night. We also learn what the band eats in their tour bus. You can read the full interview on Daily Record.

“It’s all healthy eating on the tour bus these days because when you get older you are more aware of what you are eating. We are really not that rock’n’ roll and have all got sandwiches and ­blueberries on the tour bus.”

“The social networking element has also changed and now when you are up on stage there are thousands of phone cameras in the audience and everyone is filming, so you get an immediate response from fans online.

“S Club have always been hard workers because we had the TV show as well as doing promo and recording. It always was pretty non-stop, 24 hours a day, so we expect to work hard on a tour like this.”

Rachel claims there are no other plans for future S Club 7 projects when the tour finishes, despite it being a success.

She said: “I don’t know what’s next. That’s it, really. This tour was all about a greatest hits tour and to celebrate it for fans. We’ve had a brilliant time and who knows? It’s lovely to all come back together.”

The band are looking forward to hitting the stage in Scotland, where they have have always enjoyed a great rapport with the audience.

She confirmed: “Without sounding corny, Scotland has amazing fans and has always been one of the places we remember going to.

“The crowds are really loud and up for it. The support has been incredible and the ­feedback so positive.”

As the last date looms on the horizon, Rachel confesses that she’s already getting emotional thinking about the final curtain.

She said: “I think there will be some tears in Glasgow. We’ve had some already and are a soppy lot – Jo, Hannah and me in particular.

May 19th, 2015




Posted by: Saara // Category: Acting, Hannah Spearritt, Movies // With Comments Off on New picture from The Goob

Check out a new picture from The Goob movie above or in full size in our gallery. The film will be out in cinemas on May 29 and there’s Q&A session at Cinema City in Norwich on May 30 (not sure if Hannah is attending).

Director Guy Myhill took inspiration from Swaffham racetrack and the old diner on the A47 near Swaffham for his debut feature film The Goob which will be released this month.

It stars a predominantly Norfolk cast and lead character Goob Taylor is played by newcomer Liam Walpole who was discovered on the streets of Dereham.

Set in the middle of a heatwave, the film centres on teenager Goob who has spent 16 summers helping his mum run a transport café and harvest the surrounding pumpkin fields – but things change when his mum gets together with swarthy stock car supremo and ladies man Gene Womack. When exotic pumpkin picker Eva arrives, Goob starts to dream of better things.

The film will be released in cinemas on May 29. There will also be a question-and-answer session at Cinema City in Norwich on May 30.

Mr Myhill said: “I’d made a 
documentary for Channel 4 about stock car racing and that world excited me.

“I knew the possibilities the racetrack at Swaffham offered, you know the dirty roar of thunder, it’s in my top 10 of favourite Norfolk locations.

“And just down the road from the track was the iconic diner, for years I’d wanted to feature it.

“So I began to weave a narrative around both these two hot spots, capitalising too, on the surrounding flatlands. In the process Norfolk itself emerges as a character, its landscapes and people are central in The Goob’s potent atmosphere.”

Cast members include S Club 7 star Hannah Spearitt, from Gorleston, Sean Harris, who grew up in Norwich, and Sienna Guillory, whose parents moved to Norfolk when she was 11.

Mr Myhill added: “The style was dictated by showing Norfolk how it is, the big skies, the flat land. There is a unique feel to the place, I didn’t have to force it, just set the story down in it.”

Is your project helping to promote Norfolk? Email kate.scotter@archant.co.uk

Source: WattonAndSwaffamTimes.co.uk

May 19th, 2015




Posted by: Saara // Category: Hannah Spearritt, Photos, S Club 7 // With Comments Off on Bring It All Back tour book scans

I finally had time to scan the fantastic Bring It All Back tour book I bought in Cardiff. It’s a real treasure, containing new pictures, interviews and a great timeline from 1997 till this day. Unfortunately by scanner is size A4 so there’s always a little bit missing but I did my best. See the scans below:

Bring It All Back tour book

May 17th, 2015




Posted by: Saara // Category: Hannah Spearritt, Photos, S Club 7 // With Comments Off on Pictures from Cardiff

My friend Ana just sent me the amazing pictures she took in Cardiff last Tuesday and I’ve added them to our gallery for you to enjoy. I’m still in the process of going through all the other picture material and video from the tour but it is coming. Please bear with me! I hope you like them:

Bring It All Back tour in Cardiff – May 12th

May 16th, 2015




Posted by: Saara // Category: Hannah Spearritt, S Club 7 // With Comments Off on My concert experience in Cardiff!

So, here’s what happened in Cardiff! I’m waiting for pictures of the show from my friend Ana (who has a great camera) and I’ll add them soon. In the meanwhile, check out our meet&greet picture and my story. It doesn’t contain any spoilers of the actual show.

On Monday 11th me and I friend Ana landed in London, where we came straight from Barcelona where we had been watching a Formula 1 grand prix. We took a train to Cardiff and walked to our hotel The Big Sleep hotel, which is located right next to the arena. At the hotel we met Dale from RachelStevens.com whom I’ve known for about a decade. We’ve worked together on numerous Rachel forums, projects and we’ve become great friends. It was so amazing to finally meet him and it felt so natural to talk to him, like we’d known forever. We chatted a lot about our expectations about the concert and how excited we were.

The day of the concert we went to pick up our tickets and after a little hassle (international stuff) got them. We both had a meet&greet ticket and I especially was so nervous! We entered the arena and got our laminated autograph signs and USB sticks, which are a shape of an S. The organiser was aware of who we were because of our (Rachel) websites and called us “Rachel’s friends”. We just nodded along, yes, that’s who we are :D There were about 20 people with the VIP pass and we were escorted upstairs to a room with the VIP background. The organiser told us about the procedure, like that we shouldn’t take too much time with the picture because otherwise the Q&A session will be shorter and that we are allowed to take our own pictures during the session.

When the band came in, my first thought was that they’re all so short! They looked amazing and very happy. I was the third one to go, together with Dale. I was so nervous! I walked towards them, said something like “Hi, I’m Saara” (I was supposed to say “Hi, I’m Saara from www.hannahspearritt.net, www.rachel-stevens.co.uk and www.sclub7.net” but I forgot!) I waved hi to Rachel, and Hannah immediately recognised me because we’ve met once before and she likes to visit my website so she pulled me next to her. She thanked me for coming and for everything I’ve done for the website and I think/hope I replied something, it’s all a bit of a blur :D We hugged and were still holding hands when the photograph was taken. Bradley also shook my hand and said something to me, I forgot what it was. It was so amazing and I was such an idiot :D After everyone’s picture was taken there was a Q&A session. The questions I remember included why did it take so long to reunite, are you going to be more stuff after the tour and tell us something we don’t know about you. After the Q&A Rachel came back to hug Dale and I for a second time, it was so nice of her! She’s so tiny and gorgeous!

I was literally shaking after the m&g because I was so excited! I don’t know why I was so nervous, they were all so nice and lovely. If I could do it again, I’d make sure I’d quickly shake hands with them all because now I feel like I accidentally ignored some of them because it was a bit rushed and I was so disorientated. After the VIP experience we had time to buy merchandise and hang around in the hall before the doors were opened. I bought the tour book which is amazing (scans coming up)! We also got to go inside before others.

My seat was in block 6, row G, which was right opposite the stage. Because it was higher up, the camera equipment was not blocking my view. I was sitting next to lovely people from the meet&greet, two mums with their sons. The mums asked me to say that I was next to two British pensioners who rocked and they totally did! Unfortunately Dale, Ana and I booked our tickets separately and we were also seated in different places. But we got pictures from different angles, which is great. After the support act there was a 30 minute break, time to get even more excited!

Then the lights went off for the concert to begin, it was so exciting! I hadn’t seen them live before because the first time round I was too young to travel to another country for a concert. I don’t wanna spoil much about the actual show, I’ll just say that it was absolutely amazing! The best night of my life. The Cardiff arena is not the biggest but the atmosphere was fantastic! Everyone was singing and dancing along. I couldn’t name my favourite part because I honestly enjoyed all of it. It was a special night because it was Lenny’s birthday and Jo&Bradley wished him a happy birthday. We also got him a card and gave it to Jo at the meet&greet. I really hope the show will be released as a DVD because I feel like I missed a lot, naturally I only have one pair of eyes and there are seven of them. To everyone who’s going, you’re in for an amazing show! To those who’ve already seen it, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Posted by: Saara // Category: Hannah Spearritt, S Club 7 // With Comments Off on The Bring It All Back tour begins today!

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for: the Bring It All Back reunion tour kicks off in Birmingham! Now I will be in Barcelona for the next few days and then I’m heading off to Cardiff via London. It means I won’t be able to update as much as I would like to. In fact, during my trip HannahSpearritt.net very likely won’t be updated BUT my other website www.sclub7.net will be maintained by a good friend Lorna, who’ll keep you up to date with all the news and pictures! So, make sure you check it for all the latest. As a reminder, here’s the tour calender. Let the S Club Party begin!

● May 7 » Birmingham
● May 8 » Manchester
● May 9 » Newcastle
● May 11 » Bournemouth
● May 12 » Cardiff
● May 13 » Liverpool
● May 15 » Nottingham
● May 16 » London
● May 17 » London
● May 19 » Leeds
● May 20 » Glasgow
● May 21 » Sheffield

May 3rd, 2015




Posted by: Saara // Category: Hannah Spearritt, Photos, S Club 7 // With Comments Off on Scans of BeSt album + new picture!

We’ve got exclusive scans of the booklet of the rereleased BeSt: Greatest Hits of S Club 7 album. There’s information about the singles, a story of the band and a new photo, in which they all look so amazing! Hot hot hot! Many thanks to Lorna for them! If haven’t ordered your copy yet, you can do so here.

SCANS – BeSt: The Greatest Hits of S Club 7

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