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 Casualty screen captures S30E33: Screen captures from yesterday's Casualty episode are now up. Some interesting drama for Mercedes an.....
 PICTURES: Em-Com in Nottingham: I've added first pictures from the Em-Con in Nottingham. More to come soon! April 31 & May 1 - .....
 Hannah Spearritt: My Mixtape on Vintage TV *update*: Hannah will introduce her favourite music on Vintage TV's "My Mixtape" feature soon. You can watch V.....
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About Hannah Spearritt
Hannah Spearritt is a British actress who is best known for her role as Abby in ITV's Primeval. She originally became famous as a member of S Club 7. The band recently reunited to tour the UK with their sold-out Bring It All Back tour. Her other television roles include Death In Paradise and Miss Marple and on film she's starred in Agent Cody Banks 2 and more recently in The Goob and Utopia. She's also appeared in popular theatre productions such as One Man, Two Guvnors and The Armour. From January onwards Hannah will play Mercedes Christie in BBC's Casualty.

Screen captures from yesterday’s Casualty episode are now up. Some interesting drama for Mercedes and her family. You can catch Hannah also in the next episode too at 8:50pm.

Screen captures – Casualty S30E33

I’ve added first pictures from the Em-Con in Nottingham. More to come soon!

April 31 & May 1 – Em-Com in Nottingham

Picture credits: @NickF75, @invernessrossie, @emilycherylox, @kasia_russell, @BuckBuckworth, @Greeny_original

Hannah will introduce her favourite music on Vintage TV’s “My Mixtape” feature soon. You can watch Vintage TV on Sky 369, Freeview 242, Virgin 343 and Freesat 505 but the programmes also seem to be available online.

UPDATE: The programme will be shown on Wednesday at 1pm! Thanks to Chris for the tip.

   Pictures: Wales Comic Con

Hannah was a guest at the Wales Comic Con this weekend and fan pictures are starting to come in. Also present were Andrew Lee Potts and Ben Mansfield from Primeval. I’ll add more photos as they appear, so keep checking back.

April 23-24 – Wales Comic Con

Credits: @HThorrington_, @BethBecker2, @AW313, @venus_in_arms, @mjktda, @rhianwilliams94, @JonHarness, @kellylyntonparry,

Check out screen captures of Saturday’s Casualty episode, which was quite heavy. Primeval fans also recognised Tim “Cleaner Clone” Faraday in the cast. Mercedes and Connor will be in the next episode too, so make sure you watch BBC1 at 8:50pm on Saturday.

Screen captures – Casualty S30E32

Casualty actor Charles Dale (Big Mac) was recently interviewed about his latest storyline. He’s had lots of scenes with Hannah and he thinks she is “delightful to work with”. You can read the full article here.

S Club 7 star Hannah Spearritt is really menacing as Mercedes! How has that been to play with her?

“I know, and she’s only wee, bless her! Hannah’s been delightful to work with. From the first day I knew we were going to have great fun, and she’s a fab actor! Tony Marshall, who plays Noel, may have gotten beaten up with her, but she plays manipulative mind-games on Mac!”

Source: What’s On TV

Check out some cute screen captures of Hannah and Stanley on Vet on the Hill. Many thanks to Amanda!

Screen captures – Vet on the Hill

I’ve added screen captures of last night’s Casualty episode, enjoy. We’ll see Mercedes and her schemes next week too, so make sure you watch BBC1 at 8:55pm.

Screen captures – Casualty S30E31

A new interview from the MCM Comic Con Liverpool has just emerged. Check out Joel Cornah interviewing Hannah about S Club 7, Primeval and more:

Hannah has chatted to The Gay UK and after figuring out her drag name, the talk was about television, S Club 7, Madonna and much more.

JH: We note that your character’s name in Casualty is Mercedes Christie, which is so camp and quite porny. So what are you bringing to the character worthy of a name Mercedes?
HS: Do you think it’s quite a porn name?

JH: Yeah, because it’s got the sexiness of Mercedes, a sexy car, and then Christie at the end which is kinda like, (adopting porny voice) “oh hi, Christie here”.
HS: You know what, even though she wears quite down and out clothes, underneath it all she’s got porn underwear on and crotchless panties. (Laughs)

JH: She’s one of those is she?
HS: She’s a complete slut.

JH: Out of curiosity what is your porn name?
HS: Oh, what’s the formula again?

JH: Your first pet and your mother’s maiden name.
HS: This is not sexy. It’s Barry Bain. (laughter) That really isn’t good. That has to be the most un-sexual name in the world.

JH: Well do you want to know what your drag name is?
HS: Ok, what’s that.

JH: Well we use a website. so your first name is Hannah so I’ll type that in. And the name of your first pet was Barry?
HS: Yeah, Barry the Hamster… (laughter)

JH: Ok now you have to pick you’re favourite song from this set list…
HS: Vogue.

JH: Ok, processing… Your drag name is… Rosemary Hull.
HS: Oh I love it.

JH: And you’re famous for Sickening Fashion.
HS: Brilliant. Can I do one more? What was the list of songs again?

JH: Ok, Hannah, Barry and which song?
HS: Raining Men…

JH: Good choice. Ok, processing… Ooh, Flossy Glitz.
HS: Oh I love it. I could definitely work that.

JH: Apparently you’re famous for death drops and high kicks.
HS: Oh I love it. That’s the one. I love drag.

JH: So drag is:
A) The greatest thing since sliced bread.
B) Creepy, wrong and slightly evil.
C) A chance to see how a dress should be worn.
HS: Ooh it’s a choice between A and C. I’ll go for A.

Read more?

Stanley the dog is no stranger to cameras as he’s been in Keychain Production’s short films in the past. Now it’s his time to shine on TV! On Monday Hannah and Stanley can be seen on Vet on the Hill, so watch More4 at 9pm.

VET ON THE HILL: Professional dog-walker Sandy asks Scott Miller to give her a first-aid lesson in case anything happens to her charges, while S Club 7 star Hannah Spearritt also visits the clinic.

   Casualty S30E31 trailer

As mentioned yesterday, Hannah is in the next Casualty episode too. Check out the trailer below:

Next Saturday on #Casualty: Rita gets the shock of her life when a ghost from her past returns and Big Mac struggles to work through the day, turning to a familiar face.

Posted by BBC Casualty on Monday, 11 April 2016

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